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Why Videos Are Critical In The Real Estate Industry?


The real estate industry uses many tools to showcase and sell homes including their online marketing plan, photography, and videos.  Videos have taken front stage in helping realtors showcase their homes with virtual walkthroughs vs being at the property.  Videos are great for prospective buyers to get a feeling of the property and a much more in-depth image of rooms than photographs provide. Photos are fabulous for displaying various homes on their websites to draw the interest of potential buyers while videos will give them much more information.  Videos are the perfect tools for realtors because they can’t be in two places at one time showing two separate homes that might be across town from each other.


Video marketing has really allowed realtors to more effectively reach out to potential home buyers.  Photos and videos can be placed on social media sites, on YouTube, and of course on their websites.  Visitors will be able to view rooms and how the rooms connect to each other.  They will get a feeling how the layout of a home flows together and get an accurate view of the sizes of the rooms. YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the internet, second only to Google.  As a realtor, you must optimize your website properly and incorporate videos. You will gain a 57% better chance of appearing on page one of Google search results when you utilize videos.  Let’s face, the higher your ranking, the more people will find your listings.  Like dominoes, the more views the more offers will flow in for your business.

Videos are very easy to produce, costs practically nothing, and are excellent marketing tools.  They should be a key part of any real estate business and online marketing plan.  Potential home buyers are constantly on the internet browsing through properties in their area.  You need to be readily available with your home offers for people to find.  The average person will spend approximately 50 seconds on a website but if you have a video, they will stick around for another 5 to 6 minutes ingesting what you are offering.  The bottom line, visitors to your site want to watch a video of a home to get a true picture before deciding to drive out and visit the location.

The fact is, over 50% of consumers in North America want to see videos.  Making sure you have videos on your site for these consumers is essential to making sales.  Photographs are great for a first look at a home that someone might be interested in, but what if they could click on that image and be brought to a video?  Videos bring a home to life, allow them to go from one room to another and get a feel of the home.


Real Estate Videos vs Listings:

Your Standard listings have nothing on videos listings.  All someone has to do is click on the video and you are in the process of potentially selling that property.  Websites with videos will keep visitors there approximately six times longer than just photographs and text.  In this day and age, the majority of people who watch videos will retain approximately 95% more of what they are viewing than reading text.  Properly laid out videos will increase your ranking and get you on Google’s first page much more quickly.


Another important point, viewers regard realtors who provide excellent videos more in tune to their needs and what they are looking for in an agent.  You are showing visitors that you want to offer them excellent choices and making it a great deal easier for them to find the home they are looking for.  First impressions speak a thousand words and people will see you as someone who can effectively address their needs.


In Conclusion:

If you are not on the video wagon as of yet, it’s time you do!  You are missing out on a treasure trove of potential sales.  Videos are taking over online marketing in many industries, especially the real estate industry.  If you or others in your firm are not really great at creating videos, get someone to help you out!  You can email us at NAV Real Estate Marketing contact page.

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