How To Choose a Real Estate Photographer?

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Choosing a professional real estate photographer


Choosing the right real estate photographer is one of the most important decisions a real estate agent makes in his/her career. There are many critical factors which make a photographer the right choice. Here we will go over some of these criteria in details.


Quality of photos

Obviously quality of interior and exterior pictures is the main reason agents choose a photographer instead of shooting the photos themselves. Quality of photos are not the same for all interior photographer based on their techniques, talent and equipment they use. In most cases the most affordable photographer would not be able to deliver same quality as an established and experienced photographer. Creating images with WOW factor takes more time especially on post production, requires latest high end equipment and lots of talent. Here are some of the characteristics of good photos:

  • Brightness – People like places with lots of natural lights. Dark images are not inviting compare to bright photos. Not every photographer is able to make a room bright without overexposed windows.
  • Colors – Colors should be a good representation of the place in terms of color accuracy. Blue windows, over saturated yellow colors on walls and muddy colors would not improve a photo.
  • Window’s view – A well lit photo has a balanced in inside brightness and outside view. Images with blown out windows or dark interior should be avoided.
  • Wide angle – Choosing the right lens focal length is the other important factor. Super wide angles lens with fish-eye effect or not so wide angles with tight frames are some common mistakes.
  • Composition – Finding the right angle and framing is one of the most challenging responsibilities of a real estate photographer.


Real-estate-photography-interior-canada Real-estate-photography-interior-canada


Big photography companies vs Small business photography studios

There are many industrial RE photography companies in each metropolitan that compete in pricing with small photography studios. Here are some of the problems you would encounter when using them:

  • Each project different photographer. As these big companies pay very little to their staff, talented photographers would not work for very long for them. So for each project you would see a novice photographer in the bottom of learning curve.
  • Inconsistent quality. When you hire a standard real estate photographer, you would get the same photographer for all of your projects but for large marketing companies the quality and style of images would change dramatically by each photographer and the problem is the agents can not choose their photographer.
  • Pricing are not really more affordable. One of the big companies trick in trapping new listing Realtors is by showing a very affordable price for the basic package and then charging extra for hidden fees. One example is a cheap price for condos under a specific feet and then charging extra for additional sizes. Or basic photography would not give you the good quality of samples on their website but the more expensive package should be ordered.
  • What you see is not the same as what you get. Photo samples shown on large company website are not the same quality that you would receive due to different packages, photographers and equipment.

Real-estate-photography-interior-canada Real-estate-photography-interior-canada



Customer service and personal relation

Finding the perfect photographer is not just about the quality of their photos but also their personality and communication skills. They should be able to get on well with your clients; home owners, be able to manage difficult situations and be responsible it terms of being on-time or meeting the product delivery deadlines.


Post production skills

A professional real estate photographer should have great post production skills. Replacing the blue sky on cloudy days, removing the basketball hoop from driveway, patching the grass, fixing a broken light bulb and removing some marks off the wall are few samples that requires significant Photoshop skills.



Many real estate photography businesses have many photographers and these list of photographers changes every year as the job is not profitable enough for them. So first the quality of the service is not predictable and as there is not a long relationship between you and your photographer, they would not know your preferences, required shots and needs. We are a small local business based in Toronto and every time you hire us for a project, Navid personally would shoot your listing which means same photo quality for all projects. Please visit our Contact page to get more information.


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